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Legendary Item system suggestion

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I have an idea for a way to do the legendary system, if you make or use an old currency, for now i will call the currency legendary essence just as an example, these will be ways to obtain legendary essence;

Winning a battleground - 1 essence

Winning arena matches - 25% chance for 1 essence? still not sure on arenas as they can be farmed easily

Heroic dungeon last boss - 1 essence

Mythic dungeon all bosses - 1 essence


Ok, then you just have to make a vendor with legendary items only purchasable by classes to avoid confusion, example, a rogue cannot buy legendary items that only a mage can wear. The vendor can sell the legendary items for around 400 essence per one, this way it will still take a long time, BUT it WILL be possible to earn Legendary items.

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