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More options for the website's Shop

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I see that you can buy certain titles, I also see that you can buy the titles "Assassin" and "Archmage", you should add the ability to buy all the class hall titles for class only, they are the following;

Druid - Guardian of G'Hanir/Archdruid
Death Knight - Deathlord
Demon Hunter - Slayer
Hunter - Huntmaster
Mage - Archmage
Monk - Grandmaster
Paladin - Highlord
Priest - High Priest
Rogue - Shadowblade
Shaman - Farseer
Warlock - Netherlord
Warrior - Battlelord


I feel this would be a wanted addition, and another idea would be to add certain items to the shop for transmog such as http://www.wowhead.com/item=112935/tusks-of-mannoroth&bonus=0 http://www.wowhead.com/item=94984/doomed-crown-of-lei-shen and more items like those.

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Mayby you can put in the shop also order resources and artifact power. For vote points. Mayby we can get some more players here.

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Yeah that could be a good idea, or even the items to unlock artifact appearances

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