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Shop Support: terms of use and refund policy

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1. Definitions and Interpretation

  • "Donation Points (coins)" - WarLegion virtual coins that WarLegion makes available for purchase by Users subject to the terms of use. 
  • "Site" - warLegion.com (the "Site") and affiliated services (the "Services") that belongs to warLegion.com (WarLegion).

2. Terms of use and refund policy

  • All donations made through the Site are final, irrevocable and non-refundable, and are subject to these terms. WarLegion Donation Points cannot be exchanged back into a real currency. Purchases of WarLegion Donation Points sets are not refundable.
  • Donation are made on a voluntary basis in appreciation of the Site and the Services. WarLegion does not assume ANY financial obligation with respect to donations. The user must be over 18 to be eligible to make a donation to WarLegion. WarLegion is not liable for any unauthorized donations.
  • Accidental purchases of WarLegion Donation Points occurred as a result of technical fault in the payment system you paid through must be disputed with the respective payment processor. WarLegion is not responsible for any technical faults arising at payment processors. WarLegion is not in charge of handling credit/debit and bank transactions undertaken to purchase WarLegion Donation Points.
  • This Refund Policy does not cover use difficulties arising out of issues such as file incompatibility or minor mistakes in Virtual items itself such as spelling errors or graphical faults that do not result from data corruption.
  • If a purchased set of WarLegion Donation Points is not exchanged into the virtual items during 30 calendar days it then is no longer valid and cannot be a subject of refund. Refund requests of WarLegion Donation Points purchases within 30 calendar days are at the exclusive discretion of WarLegion's management. If a virtual item was given to a user on terms of bonus, gift or promotion then it cannot be a subject of refund into WarLegion Donation Points.
  • If a purchased virtual item contains faults (bugs), you should inform WarLegion immediately and must inform us within 24 hours of the purchasing in order to receive WarLegion Donation Points back equal to the purchase price of the relevant virtual item or exchange for an equivalent item. Any notification received outside of this time period is at the exclusive discretion of WarLegion's management. If refund will be approved, your refund will be credited to the same account.
  • Donation Points refers to a single account and can not be transferred to another account.
  • If any service is not available on Site, we do not provide it on an exceptional basis.
  • Don't be hasty in purchasing an item or currency (gold).
  • WarLegion and its owners reserves the right to modify, add or remove any of the rules described here without notice. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time.

3. Privacy Policy

Certain user information collected through the use of this website is automatically stored for reference. We track such information to perform internal research on our users' demographic interests and behaviour and to better understand, protect and serve our community of users. Payment or any other financial information is NEVER submitted, disclosed or stored on the Site and is bound to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of our respective partners and/or payment processors. Basic user information (such as IP address, logs for using website interface and account management) may be disclosed to our partners in mutual efforts to counter potential illegal activities. WarLegion makes significant effort to protect them.


You may open a Shop Support ticket if you face the following issues:

  • Didn't receive any purchased item.
  • Something went wrong with an item or service purchased on the shop.

WarLegion Team

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