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  1. way to go fuck your players over lol. all transferred items will be capped to 810, transmogs u paid for wont get transferred and all that other crap. no surprise there isnt a promised funserver either, it was just a part of the plan to keep people fooled. i knew this server would collapse because of the lack of those fucking monkeys running this server, as i said in earlier posts the owner of this server is just looking to catch some money and not willing to do anything to IMPROVE this server. good to see this server is dead. well deserved. GG PS. kael if u read this i told ya lmfao
  2. hexmark remove your cancer self from the server youre a immature piece of shit kbye
  3. that feel when you wanna do other content than legion because theres nothing to do cuz nothing is being done for the server but even the distraction content isnt even open to do.. hint: pls give us something to do were bored as fuck for example when is the fun realm being released etc G I V E U S U P D A T E S P L E A S E T H E S E R V E R I S D Y I N G
  4. made this post before but slightly different, there has been said if you unequip your artifact weapon and change spec your weapon wont bug or dissapear (partially such as arms or prot etc) but it still happens when is this going to get fixed?
  5. @Chace we arent sure but we love this server and will keep playing here for a long time, theres still a small community playing and we do myhics and EN raid. we hope they will finally sometime response to our cry for help and show us their plans because were hoping the server goes well cause we love this server
  6. long story short, people are losing motivation to keep playing on this server, the only reason some of the people are still here is because we keep hoping this will improve, made a post earlier but it hasnt been answered in 1-2weeks yet. people are getting fed up and honestly no one is looking forward to that fun realm. its going to be rip warlegion. almost seems like you guys want warlegion 50x rates to die out, because all new players who come here leave after 1-2weeks because there is nothing to do. we feel neglected and its up to all WL staff to change that. if actions arent taken this server will not be populated anymore and its going to die. which is a waste because the server has potential please do something before its too late because we care about this Pserver, show us you do too...
  7. is there any chance we can get to use our trinkets in arenas? for example our actual pvp active or proc trinkets? would be really nice to have them cause its pretty much a wasted slot at he moment
  8. its fixed already bud itsfine now
  9. atleast make it so that its still usuable but not capable of casting other spells while bladestorming. also can we please make it so that trinkets are usable in arenas? do agree with kael above here though
  10. i got a few questions regarding the server and if theres actually work being done on improving the server. - can legendaries drop and if not when will they enable that? -when do we get our questlines for the class halls? -any idea if you can fix the mythic keystones? (please) -is there any planning on inproving this server at all? cause it seems like a bit of a dead brother of firestorm right now and we are being neglected. server feels more like some place where the owner set it up real quick to catch donations from players here.
  11. so am i supposed to take a screenshot of every item in case i lose it because of an ingame bug i cant help? pretty silly if you ask me but okay. hope you understand that this kinda makes me sad
  12. Dear GM who reads this. theres a bug with switching specs which occurs sometimes where i lose my weapon temporarily and then it comes back. (such as this http://imgur.com/a/fwnaQ ) this time my weapon for arms spec got lost and had 2 idols specced into it, i tried relogging, respeccing and retrieving it from the artifact lord in the hopes it would return in the same state i had it before it was bugged and dissapeared. partially i received my weapon as it was before except for the idols, they are lost. is there any way you could fix this? ( http://imgur.com/a/x2SRb ) And if so could you please contact me ingame or check my ticket ingame? best regards medcon.
  13. http://imgur.com/a/Fko8j
  14. is havoc warrior viable? let me know pls