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  1. YES! Blame the bilingual horde, the only horde guild, for pulling down the server. Blame the bilingual horde for not breastfeeding you gears. Blame the bilingual horde for making you wear cloth as a druid. Blame the bilingual horde for making you wear a normal weapon instead of an artifact weapon. Blame the bilingual horde for not answering every meaningless questions you have about mine nodes and tbc transmogs. Blame the bilingual horde for not telling you to google wowhead for reputation gears and class hall gears. And blame the bilingual horde for not bringing your ilvl 471 resto druid to a ilvl 845+, 15+ traits required heroic raid and mythic dungeons. We did not reject you, you were made to be rejected. I doubt any rational guild will take your low level abomination to a high level raid in any private or retail servers. The only raid we will bring you to is probably Black Temple. Of course, you will reply with "this demonstrates the toxicity of the guild." And I will reply with "this demonstrates your incompetence to be rejected by the only guild and the only people in the server."
  2. Well, the other servers have little people to begin with. This server has a decent amount of people considering the fact that people still spam forums during maintenance demonstrate that they find this server a better alternative than the other servers. I am assuming you are here for the x50 experience rate. "Less grindy", fast to 110. Warlegion works with Firestorm after all, so far what they have been doing are successful. Though, the maintenance takes days, the server itself need people for it to function. No one ques bgs and rarely arenas in this server because their honor levels are crap. It's a catch 21. Instant server will allow that since pugs get to play with pugs. Only a small amount of people are able to do pve at peak hours, which are what? At most 70 people? If there is no pvp even at peak hours, the server needs more population. And that won't come easy without some changes. This is perhaps the change we need. I don't know for sure this will bring population to this server, but we haven't even tried it. If there are people playing at instant 110, they will create alts at x50. I am not going to assume everything will lead to failure, I am not a destructive cynic know-it-all like you. Legion is a new expansion, unlike that WOTLK, which is old news. People will want to try it out. One can create a private server in no more than 20min. Creating an instant 110 is not much of a heavy duty construction when they already have a working x50 template of a server they can code and copy from. Like I said, if you are nostalgic about pre-vanilla leveling, you can do that at blizzlike private servers, create 10 characters, level them up to max levels, delete them again. Rinse and repeat. How fun is that? Going through the same zones, doing the same quests, wasting gold on the same riding skill. No one tells you to play a WOTLK instant 80 server, stop being trapped in the past. Legion is now, play its end game. WOTLK was like nine years ago, get over it. "OMG TBC & WOTLK are the best expansions everrrr!, I want to level in outland and northend." It's not like you haven't done that before. FFS, when you are 110, do you bring up about old contents like it was your ex-girlfriend? Legion has so much more contents you HAVEN'T done. New world bosses, raids, and dungeons they haven't implement it from retail. I feel like you are one of those people who dress his toons with the same tmogs and with the same similar names, sitting at the same spot of Dalaran everyday, doing ragefire chasm just for the pre-pre-pre vanilla feels while pulling WOTLK dps in legion. Go for some change. The point of leveling is to learn your class, which can be done in front of a training dummy or 110 mobs. If the point of the game is leveling, then this game will not have a level cap. If everyone can't deal with change like you do, Blizzard doesn't need to make new contents, no more 7.2,7.3, etc. You will still be playing vanilla. Change is what moves the game forward.
  3. Well, the bugs certainly aren't driving people away from the x50 server, so the 110 server will be fine. Some of my talent builds are bugged, so I just pick other ones. Change my gameplay, use a different spell. If you can walk, dps, heal, and play 90% of your class, you are good. And in WoW, it's all about the end game after leveling, why not get straight to the process and arm people with decent gears to start with. If people start with the same gears, it will be more balanced and efficient, leading to more pvp and pve. In x50 server, I see a lot of lv 110 players equipped with crap gears from previous expansions and they want to do pve and pvp contents, but they can't because they pull crap dps or crap heal. I mean if you want to have fun leveling, why join a x50 server when you can pick blizzlike rates at somewhere else? This is a private server, the goal is to have fun. And I like how you assume the fun server will be crap before they even make one. That is like telling the chef that his food is bad before even tasting it. Be open-minded and give them a try. Firestorm works with Warlegion afterall.
  4. Merged server=More people=More pvp=More AP/Honor Levels/Arenas/Battlegrounds/Raids=More Fun=Yields more people=Snowball effect continues