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  1. Tras sucesos y problemas. Podeis susurrar a cualquier miembro de The Rise Allie Latinos. Los Principales al Mando: -Pepex -Gosthdeath -Ztoxicoxp -Cabraloca -Malfositoxd
  2. si hacer mazmorras entre los 5 Lideres sin ayudar es ser buena Guild felicidades!!! Son la Mejor Guild Entonces
  3. Si no quieres puedes ocuparte mas de tu Guild, en lugar de ignorarlos e ir a subir un pj horda. Deberías tratar por igual a todos, en lugar de echar a la gente que esta en ambas guilds.
  4. Si es una guild español, por que hay gente que habla inglés ruso e incluso chino. Francés e Italiano. ??
  5. El problema es que no me diera nada. Es decir no pude ni abrir el botín, y como dije esperé 1 semana para hacerlo nuevamente como es en el oficial. igual Gracias
  6. Buenas Hopefully, yo tengo un problema similar, yo soy healer y estaba haciendo Calamir pero no me soltó botín. Como siempre hago espero 1 semana para cada boss de Mundo pero este a pesar de matarlo 2 veces no me soltó Poder de Artefacto Sangre de Sargeras e ítems. Si pudieras Ayudarme por favor. Me pase con la raid mucho tiempo para nada. Gracias.
  7. No puedo leer nada desde que implementaron el parche, mi pj Druida no puede leer ni chatear normalmente, estoy incomunicado con mi mejor pj. Agradecería que un GM me ayude de buena manera y con una solución. Gracias Yo diría que si pudieran los GM pasar los objetos actuales que tengo a un nuevo pj Druida como el mío, ya que el no poder leer lo que me susurran o dicen en hermandad me perjudica bastante.
  8. Playing Vanilla? Do not deviate from the topic friend, haha. I told you to think, a little bit. Do not judge me without knowing me and less with other expansions I mention. But, well, everyone has their opinion and as you think you have to respect it. We will see if there is or not the server. Since they have to respect the vote.
  9. Apparently, you lack experience, apparently, if you say that I am judging before seeing the result, it is obvious the result, even several servers are a failure to give the idea of making a server fun. Maybe a small portion of the servers are something, but it's because they are older and no fun :D Tell me what sense to play in an instant WotLK 80 when in Legion I can do icc alone. As in the Legion of being instantly 110 and receiving immediate teams, where is the fun of what makes WoW the best MMORPG? Level up is the most beautiful thing in games, it can be tedious to do it over and over again. But you know when you get to that point of excitement to go up a major level, as well as the 60 to go to Outland. 70 to Northrend. Having a team and level 110 only to make dungeons and bands sooner or later bores, so there is no goal to outdo each other, to lean like a guild. What you think is how to REMOVE THE ESSENCE OF THE BEST GAME. Think about it
  10. Do you really think there will be more than that? If there are still enough bugs. It will ruin the fun since having a PJ 110 instantly is so absurd, which is why there are many servers without people and ruined and even closed. There's nothing left to do. It will be a terrible Server Fun.
  11. They should have thought before voting. This new server will seriously affect the previous one, they are discarding the effort and the commitment of the people to raise absolutely everything in the server x50. The Server Fun will take all the people because it will be easier, the previous one will go to the trash. Learn to make decisions that help people and not hurt them.
  12. Honestly. A server like this with the x50 rate is fine. Changing the server for one Fun obviously would bring more people ... but this ... which makes fun like the official WoW should not be changed. YOU SHOULD NOT WORK ON A NEW SERVER. The best thing would be to try to improve the current server, there are enough people and new zones and the rest of the bugs solved could be the best for WarLegion. Thank you and take my advice into account. Thanks
  13. Gracias por aclararnoslo
  14. Yo me pregunto xq hay tan poca gente? Conectada