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  1. server message was: daily restart not "shut down"
  2. Today after the restart of the server, i tried to reconnect for some reason it does not let me log in, and it shows on the realm stats Incompatible. when i click on the realm, it gives me the message disconnected... i have attached a picture
  3. i Like the server as it is now, and i prefer not to merge into a fun server. would appreciate more work on the current server instead!
  4. don't get offended i am even older, 27 yrs, ye lets hope server gets back on. im off for now , have fun.
  5. haha thats funny, you got to be old, that you have your own house.
  6. no one knows what's happening, they did not announce anything about update or a problem.
  7. im not worried , im bored
  8. when will it be online again ?