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  1. ******* WE ARE RECRUITING PLAYERS ******* Can't gear up? Would You progress everyday, but can't find any good guild? Here we come! Carpe Diem was created with the intent of everyone who is walking alone by Dalaran's alleys. What is our purpose? - We will unite the best people on server, and together We're going to reach Top1 on WarLegion! What is the difference between Carpie Diem and other guilds? First of all - Our guild isn't suitable for everyone. We have some rules we follow. If You like to abuse other , do not have respect for others or behave boorish - We haven't place for You, sorry. Rank system We have made a special Rank System in our guild. How it works? - It's simple. The higher rank You have, the higher reward You get. Rank System is a variety in our guild. We can promise You that none guild on WarLegion has something like that. After joining to Carpie Diem You'll receive letters with more information about it. Progress If You wonder how to get gear, You can calm down. In Carpe Diem We help each other! Don't worry about Your iLvl - it does not matter actually. We will gladly do Dungeons on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Our target is to gear all our members and start with raiding, as soon as possible! We have real life too, so We are not going to waste time - when we can, we just progress! Players selection This case is more personally, we can say. In Carpe Diem people are friendly and have to follow the rules. Everyone who will join to our crew must speak with OstryWilczur. That's our method to avoid deceptive, arrogant and rude people. Many guild on WarLegion adding anyone they can. We will avoid making Carpe Diem a brothel. In our crew We expect loyalty, respect and perseverance. We focus on what kind of man You're in reality, not on Your WoW skills. PvP, Roleplay, Transmogs, Mounts, Helpful tips, PvE tactics, Invasions on the opposite fraction! And... TEAMPLAY! - These things makes WoW so nice game! What are the requirements? 110 lvl English basics And... desire to create best crew ever! What are our rules? You can't be boorish. Verbal abuse is not allowed. Trolling in dungeons/raids will be punished. Racism is not allowed. You must have respect to everone in guild and their views. And... You shouldn't duel members with Rank 2 - We don't hurt poor animals!!! For breaking rules, You'll get special Rank. More information are written in letters. How to join to Carpe Diem? First of all, You must write a letter in WoW to Ostrywilczur. What have to be included in the letter? - Reason, why You'll join to us, why we should add You, and if You want - something about You After considering Your letter, You'll get answer! If You have any questions, write a letter to Luelle/Nelith in WoW. *** We will not answer for questions on forum! *** That's all from us. We are waiting to add real players to our Guild! Carpe Diem! ~ Grab your day!
  2. Hello, I would ask when World Quests will work in Suramaar, Stomrheim or in Highmountain? What with class order campaign? Are you able to give us approx. time when it will be fixed? Greetings Ostrywilczur
  3. Yea, fix it ASAP ;;
  4. Yeah, but if They're working, They should write a post on forum or something, because it takes too long. It should be just a restart (They said so). I have played since 2012, restarts takes approx. 5-15min, not 10 hours.
  5. maybe server dead
  6. It was a restart of server. I hope They will start server ASAP! :<