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  1. mucha seria cuanta ? 1 dia ? 3 ? 1 semana ?
  2. Gracias gente por su apoyo, asi mismo sepan que estoy para ayudarles a ustedes tambien
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to express the need, of an expanding community of innovation, content and attention to grow up today are in my guild ( la dalia negra ) An average of 30 hispanic people connected all day, and much others for sure, who needs more attention for their issues and fun. thats why im doing this post. i am an old player (8 years playing wow) with 2 years of experience as customer (level 2) gm , ( custom zone creations, ingame fixes, events, etc) my experience as gm was in wotlk (3.3.5a) trinity core, a few years ago, i am from argentina and i have A fair understanding of English if you need me, find me ingame as: feralion or any alter