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  1. Hello, seems to me, that most players on this server are friendly to players of opposite faction and prefer to cooperate together much more, then making pvp in the world. I am sure, that there are many pve players here, that dislike, if some other player starts to killing them while making quests or killing mobs for quest. I know this is pvp server, but could it be possible to make some option how to disable pvp for players, that dislike pvp?
  2. Hi, i had similar problem (missing fly-master) when i was on one quest. It's the q you got from archmage Kadgar in the Violet Citadel to go to Suramar. Check your questlog, this could be that problem. If it's so, either abandon the quest (you can take it from archmage on same spot again) or make that quest.
  3. If you are sending just gold by mail, try to write some subject there, that should help.
  4. This is my experience with herbs in broken isles (except of the ones on Stormheim, that are working properly). First is herb spawned right. You can loot it, but then herb remains there, looking like still there. I have to loot it again (loot is empty this time) to make it disappear and respawn. Respawn is bugged. You can open loot window, see the loot, but cant loot anything. After unsuccessful try to loot this herb disappears. Respawn of this bugged herb ^^^ is again same as in first case, lootable, but empty herb remaining, that have to be looted again to make herb disappear. Another respawn is bugged, loot is not possible to pick. And it's going this way repeatedly. That means, that herbalism at this moment is in fact giving 1/2 of herbs, that player should gain.
  5. I hope you don't mind that i will add my missing item here, it's similar problem. I am trying to get item "lucky charm" (crafting reagent, needed in leatherworking), that should be possible to get via pickpocket. I tried to get this item by pickpocketing of more kind of mobs that have the highest chance to wear it in their pockets (according to wowhead), but got nothing. Some of that mobs are even not possible to pickpocket (tendril from bellow, krom'gar marauder). Can someone please let me know, if this item http://www.wowhead.com/item=5373/lucky-charm#pick-pocketed-from is possible to get on this server?
  6. Hey, is it so hard to give us some time estimate when server can be again on? It's ok if you can'f fix it for some reason immediately, but it would be really nice to let us know when approximately worth to check it again, so we can stop checking server status whole day and do something else instead of that.
  7. Sorry for duplicating, wanted to edit, not to quote, my mistake.
  8. Ppl started to discuss here (in this old topic) about 8 hours ago. It had to be restart.
  9. Ppl are discussing this problem here: It shows 68 ppl online for hours already, looks frozen to me.