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  1. I wanted to log in today and its closed i saw. We moving to firestorm?? When can we transfer our accounts??
  2. Same for druids. When i walk around in stealth mobs see you and go after you. With other words you can't use stealth.
  3. Is your game still downloading if yes then you have a black screen on worldmap. When downloading is completed you have normal screen
  4. I cant log in. I get keeping disconnected from the server when i log in.
  5. Its not the first time after a update that the server is out for more as 10 hours. Thet dont learn. And they find it strange there are not a lot of people playing here. Nope when this things happens people leave and go to another server. i dont have a clue why they put in a update and then leave the server. Test if the server is working after a update.
  6. Found the problem. If your questlog is full you don't get a worldquest. I think we get new quests in our questlog with update. Thats why i could do them on friday and saterday after update my questlog is full and no wq.
  7. Nice update guy's we cant do the worldquests anymore because they are not working. And yes i clear out my cache. Can you fix this soon please.
  8. More as 18 hours now is there any oppertunity we can play today???
  9. This is now the thirth time they put in a update and the server is off for more as 10 hours. You should say if this happens 1 time you monitor the next update so that this wouldn't happen again. I have the feeling this is the testserver for firestorm. I like this server i would be a shame if this server is going away. So gm next time you do a update try to log in the game after let say 10 min if it is working. This cost players and we dont have much here.
  10. Oke i was off the whole evening and when i came home i want to play and try to log in and get this error. Its not the first time after a update that the server is off for hours. We can only wait till the server is coming back on again.
  11. Is the server now offline?? I cant connect get a error blz51900001.
  12. Do something i thought we should get a crossrealm with firestorm for bg and dungeons. If you guys do nothing about this, this server is dead in a few weeks. This is a good server no long flightpaths high xp rate for leveling, rep and honor. It would be a shame if this server dont make it.
  13. Oke we wait. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Title says all why?? GM can we have some feedback.
  15. I had it with my druid i started the questline in suramar and i didnt see the flightmaster in new dalaran. I abandoned the quest and yes npc was back. It was not my idee to abandon so all credit to the person who discovered that.