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  1. The download is either really slow or fast depending on what you're trying to load in. If you have the map out more frequently, the download will prioritize that over other resources.
  2. Look around on the forum, main reason as to why its down is due to maintenance/bug fixes. The server should be up soon. I recommend joining the Discord server with a link at the bottom of the website.
  3. Crawler (discord name) has announced that the server will probably be up tomorrow as they are fixing "some merge sources conflicts." Server will be fixed only tomorrow, sorry guys. But we have some problems that are impossible to solve at the moment.
  4. They announced a server restart on the server, though, they could be updating something or fixing some sort of bug that was recently found.
  5. Discord server info is found at the bottom of the website, look for the discord icon.
  6. I recommend joining the Discord server in case something is posted in there, mainly info about the current maintenance.
  7. Direct quote from @Hopefully "Saludos, Por el momento el servidor esta en manutención y pronto daremos mas información al respecto. Paciencia Por favor." "Regards, For the moment the server is in maintenance and soon we will give more information about it. Patience please." Seems like the server is undergoing some sort of maintenance but no actual info about the maintenance is going around. Quote was posted about 17 hours ago as this post was made, forum topic was; blz51900001 error d: ayuda.
  8. Best bet is to wait for something to either be announced or we nag on the devs. Edit: Looking around on the forums, the devs are applying new patches to the server but have not announced a time which the server will be available.
  9. Technically it dynamically increases the more knowledge you accumulate.
  10. Can the dev team please adjust the amount of time it takes to get Artifact Knowledge, I feel that waiting 5 days for notes to be finished would push people away from playing. Adjusting research to 1 or 2 days for notes to be completed would not be too overpowered.