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  1. Here comes the story of when I went hunting for a transmog set. Back in the day I used to PvP heavily in MoP on retail, loving the sets that were out at that time. I realized that the vendors were on the server, however this is where the despair sets in. When I arrived I noticed there was no price, and I was ecstatic. Until when I went to right click and buy it, but a text appeared reading "Item not found" . This tore at my heart knowing that I couldn't retrieve this amazing set. Now I am found here, asking for these to be made available!
  2. Agreed, 10x wouldn't be bad at all!
  3. So recently I downloaded the torrent. It was working great until this morning, where I clicked a flight path and the game crashed. I can no longer open the game as it states my WoW is broken and links me to battle.net. When trying to use the streaming version it crashes on loading after picking a character. Please help me fix this issue.