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  1. oh sorry i didnt knew that i will surely write it there
  2. well this is my opinion: i would love to have a fun server BUT if you create another server the population will decrase and if you merge the servers you drain like 50% Fun of it soo...i will probably not participate in disscusion but my vote is for yes
  3. why there is no option for PaySafeCards in buy points ? i think the server would have way higher revenue if you could pay w/ them (even i would give here more than 20€)
  4. will it be fixed or im just stuck with nooberino gear ?:D
  5. hello after ive got transferred my character (Portroyalle) my pvp gear just doesnt have random enchantments only non pvp items
  6. ok i will try if it works i will send you 15k gold just send me your name of your character
  7. after teleporting me from frostmourne i fell beneath map and then it kills me and i need to make the whole process again please fixerino fasterino
  8. Hello i think it would be better if you add Paysafe card to the payment wall i think more players would actually add points (i would do that) to your server
  9. try starting the game ...cuz you probably downloaded that version where you download as you play if dont work try this
  10. Re : freezin umm... No ? Anduin Wrynn isnt dead his father Varian Wrynn is dead
  11. its not programmed yet (probably) its really new server (like 2-3months) just wait until they fix that