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  1. I've done my research if this is a leak or not, both Crawler and Shelby are working for Firestorm. -> http://imgur.com/a/PXxsN And not to mention that they pretty much ignore every request that the players has here on the forum, such as why only one class has access to most of the legendaries on the webshop (dks). And all the small Vendor issues like you mentioned, it's odd and disturbing to say the least.
  2. When you downloaded the WarLegion client you got some files, am I correct? Extract both the exe's and the WTF folder to your newly downloaded retail client.
  3. You could head over to blizzard's client download page, and download the game from there and just extract the warlegion files to the folder.
  4. A server that has stayed the same for months, can only mean one thing. Either are using a leaked core (firestorm's core) or they are lazy like you said. You can compare the firestorm changelogs with the changelogs this server has, they are pretty much identical (might be because the website theme is an direct copy from firestorm). Either way it is sketchy as hell.
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    Remove this thread.
  7. Like Neveride said. Piece of cake once you reach level 104 or so, you'll pretty much get 3 levels from a single quest.
  8. Noticed this aswell, makes no sense in my god forsaken brain.