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  1. And yes i logged recently. Got my fstorm loyalty points in orgrimmar (wtf is this npc doing on warlegion) and logged out because there only was 1 to chat in /world_en.
  2. Define large percentage of like 50 ppl (currently 12) max online.
  3. How do so many ppl believe in that warlegion fixes stuff. They don't. It's only firestorm that fixes and shares code with nobrained russians that fail to do anything useful with it just like wodempire. Please stop talking about that we have to keep a leveling realm because it'd help them to fix stuff since they really don't. Just click the bug tracker in the forum and you will be redirected to "https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/create_report" Stop being so fking stupid and talk about they fix omg...
  4. yea, dont listen to Aspirinix hes drunk, and dont wait too long with making a fun server or you might wanna end up like wodempire