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  1. I just found out about War-legion today and I'm really interested because I've always wanted to try a Legion private server for WoW. I downloaded the full client with torrent and everything, patched it to 7.1.5(i think i did it write, i opened up the folder with the 7.1.5 eng patch and replaced the files that it asked to replace) and even downloaded the launcher. I opened it with the launcher, it opened but when i came to the login and put in the info, it had me on "Connecting" for a few minutes and it would just say this https://imgur.com/a/LYIbs I looked up the issue and it vaguely stated, " Try to disable your antivirus, reboot your internet/modem. The problem isn't on our side. " So i tried to reset my internet and it did nothing, and i tried flushing my dns + releasing/renewing the dns too (I use Wi-Fi if that helps). I would appreciate any help if possible, but I'll try my best to keep checking, thinking, and trying new things/ideas. Thank you!!! -Rampo4823