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  1. Yes, there was lot of bugs, things didn't work, but the approach here was the best of all private servers I tried. If the bugs were reduced to level like "Freakz" or "Firestorm" (maybe just "Monster"), this one could be the final solution. And I know you could lower number of bugs even further. Is there any chance that we will have WarLegion back? Thanks.
  2. Server has potential, but is ruined by developer/admin. For example, look at Stormheim. Who's idea was to destroy it like that? It is not only worthless itself now, it ruins the rest of broken isles. Any idea why would someone hate the possibility to reach some reputation there? Removing or ruining PvE content won't reorient people to PvP only. They need something. Some environment where everything is happening. Something to do besides constant killing each other. Good rates on quests and mobs (x50), good rates on professions (x5), and then everything blocked, ruined or removed. Compare Suramar videos on YouTube with Suramar here. Why is Suramar here so overpopulated? (Almost as if Blizzard themselves are deliberately running bad server hoping that people without money will squeeze some to go to them and pay.) PvE players will do PvP too. PvE players will make population reacher, making more people to tell their friends about the server. But try to tell that to admins/developers... EDIT: PvE players are those who run AH when it runs. PvP-ers need AH as well. And PvP-ers will do PvE, at leas occasionally.
  3. Who is "we"? Few individuals who hate questing? Then don't quest. And reconsider your definitions: "leveling server" would have low rates. Did you anywhere saw me saying "reduce rates"? No, and I'm not for that. So, let me draw this for you: More servers means more player scattering, which makes lower population on each individual server, which reduces popularity. Or you need it even more simple? Ask freely, don't be shy.
  4. The fastest way to get more people is to count on both, PvP and PvE oriented players. Lot of people like to do both. Each of them will tell their friends that they are playing. For that to happen, server has to be richer; to have more to do. And quest bugs have to be fixed, so people don't get annoyed and rage quit, or even worse, to talk bad about the server.
  5. Agreed. Server needs people. Some will like PvP and be here only for that. Others will like PvE, and if there are much less bugs their friends will know the server is good. So PvE people will bring more PvP people, and vice versa. But for that, server must work well enough, and have enough things to do. Narrow content makes people bored very quickly.
  6. Do questing. Even if you play official WoW for many years, this server has its diferences. Move around and learn them. And here quests can give much more gold than in official. In 5 days I leveled two characters to 110. If you are experienced player, you will do it faster than I did. I never played WoW in my life. This is my first time and my frst server. I walk around, learn land, transportations, and combat, do quests and get rewarded for them. I use Google and YouTube to find out how to do quests quickly. (Lot of those are broken and I have to abandon them, but it won't stop me.) Now I'm learning how to gear up solo. I'm not strong enough for rides and mythic dungeons. In 110 instances I die alot. Need little easier ones, but not too low.
  7. I think too. Fix this server / realm before you add yourself more work on another one. Instant 110 won't give you enough gold to buy whatever you think you want. Questing makes you appreciate what you earned, including earned level.. With bugs fixed things will be perfect the way they are now. (Harder leveling would take too long.) People are annoyed by broken quests. They have to abandon more than can complete. If you see someone complaining, it means he cares for things to be fixed. If he didn't find server appealing, he wouldn't care to get it fixed. He would just dismiss all and go elsewhere. As for myself, I like it here and plan to stay if possible.