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  1. hallo, i wish to get back my old achievments (transfer Char) and for them i want to go into the old instances, but Ahn'Quirai 40 is blocked... if i go into it, ther's a loading screen, with the Music of the Heartstonelocation and nothing changes. I've to restart the game. - Ahn'Quirai 20 is full functional The Lost City of Tol'Vir is bugged, there's no point to go to the Endboss Siamat Molten Core -> The Majordomus Executus would killed after starting the Instance - no option to loot
  2. Moinsen, Gibts für diese Serverversion ein deutsches Sprachpaket? Mein Englisch ist zwar gut genug für vieles, aber manches spielt man eben doch lieber wie gewohnt