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  1. and if i have 7.2
  2. yes but i speak in general
  3. where i can vote the server. the server very good and the rates good too but i dont see people on the server and there is nothing in the auction house You can publish it more
  4. why is it happening i download from the torrent http://prntscr.com/fg86eh
  5. the server down now?
  6. but if i dont download the game from battle net can you do utorrent file to the full game with your server already insalled pls thats make all easy
  7. but if i dont download the game from battle net
  8. the server is on 7.1.5 or 7.0.3? can you give me uttorent download? and if i downloaded 7.1.5 from wow monster (full game in uttorent) how i can to change the ip if i can do it and the game in the launcher and the streaming download the game very slowly And I cant play like that my discord is nirzil555 #6424 pls help