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      How to install the game   01/17/17

      Click on "Join us" at the main page and you can choose to download Streaming client or the Launcher.  If you chose to download the Launcher, then the game will slowly download after you run the Laucher. If you chose to download theStreaming client, then the game will slowly download while you play it (When you discover new zones or similar), but important files will be already in .zip archive. Once the game has completely downloaded, extract the archive with Laucher or Streaming files to the folder where the game will be located, open the folder properties (Right Click -> Properties) and un-check the settings "Read only". Also check the WarlegionLauncher's settings - the game directory, languague and account settings. After you have extracted the game to your desired folder, proceed to open the WTF folder and then open the config file "Warlegion.wtf" and check if the file contains these lines: SET portal "logon.warlegion.com"
      SET textLocale "enUS"
      SET audioLocale "enUS" Add these lines if they are disappeared and save the file. Run warlegion.exe or WarlegionLauncher.exe and you can start playing the game SET audioLocale "xxXX", replace the xxXX depending on which language you want; Spanish - esES, Latin America - esMX, Portuguese - ptBR, German - deDE, French - frFR, English - enUS Try to use our WarLegionLauncher - he can remember your passwords and type it at the next login without your help. If you have problems, read this topic. If you want to join general channel, type /join word_en in "say" chat ("world_ru" - russian general chat; "world_es" - spanish general chat). If you have found any bug, please report it in bugtracker.

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