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  2. Yes, there was lot of bugs, things didn't work, but the approach here was the best of all private servers I tried. If the bugs were reduced to level like "Freakz" or "Firestorm" (maybe just "Monster"), this one could be the final solution. And I know you could lower number of bugs even further. Is there any chance that we will have WarLegion back? Thanks.
  3. woof.
  4. keeps loading the server after entering the user
  5. same to me
  6. Скачал полностью игру и не могу понять почему не заходит! Поменял всё как пологается! Выбивает http://joxi.ru/GrqGkNliN0P3l2 http://joxi.ru/p274ydZC0b1G6A Помогите пожалуйста, а то я дуб дубом!
  7. I just found out about War-legion today and I'm really interested because I've always wanted to try a Legion private server for WoW. I downloaded the full client with torrent and everything, patched it to 7.1.5(i think i did it write, i opened up the folder with the 7.1.5 eng patch and replaced the files that it asked to replace) and even downloaded the launcher. I opened it with the launcher, it opened but when i came to the login and put in the info, it had me on "Connecting" for a few minutes and it would just say this https://imgur.com/a/LYIbs I looked up the issue and it vaguely stated, " Try to disable your antivirus, reboot your internet/modem. The problem isn't on our side. " So i tried to reset my internet and it did nothing, and i tried flushing my dns + releasing/renewing the dns too (I use Wi-Fi if that helps). I would appreciate any help if possible, but I'll try my best to keep checking, thinking, and trying new things/ideas. Thank you!!! -Rampo4823
  8. bsr il y a toujours des français qui joue sur ce serveur
  9. i have the same error
  10. They won't transfer any account. It was just a lie. They just planted false hope in our minds and moved on. Wake up people, and find another server as I did long ago.
  11. not one gm transfered my characters to firestorm,so sad,and i've been waiting patiently....
  12. Everything is explained @discord
  13. Sadly no one of them answering our question .. am going to find a new server now
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  15. I am too curious about same question...
  16. hi i log in ok but server say it Incompatible all red out is there a update patch or some thing i can do ?
  17. Hey guys when realm open?
  18. Same here, i think streaming is not working, you have to load the torrent i guess.
  19. the only server available is incompatible? i cant play at all, why??
  20. I wanted to log in today and its closed i saw. We moving to firestorm?? When can we transfer our accounts??
  21. still waiting its been 2 weeks
  22. where is our fearless leader? we need this server open and functional. like now. I want to play on here again
  23. it's getting too long
  24. ok, I was confuse ...I just ask, because on transfer topic nobody answer me...
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