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  4. Did you Upgrade to 7.1.5? After that try to login with your Email and Pass
  5. I'm having some issues when I try to login, I download all the archives from the site, in the "Join Us/Play session" https://warlegion.com/en/welcome/play or in this Forum fixed post
  6. Hi there, I tried to install some Addons (ZygorGuide and HandyNotes). They now do show in the Addons Window that one can reach in the character selection screen (after login) but as soon as I log in there is no trace of them. For HandNotes I can toggle the menue (via /handynotes in chat) but they do not show in any other way in the game. Does anyone know whats up with that? Thanks in advance! - Classik
  7. How to get quset ?
  8. hasta que se dio cuenta, que gracias a su hermandad se vacio el server, bueno ya era hora. aplausos
  9. hexmark remove your cancer self from the server youre a immature piece of shit kbye
  10. Greeting, Did you change the realmlist.wtf? SET portal "logon.warlegion.com"SET textLocale "enUS"SET audioLocale "enUS"
  11. WOW51900306
  12. When I try to log in to my account appears WOW51900306 error and says that i wrote wrong my account, I wrote the email and the password but nothing, I tried to change my password and email but didnt work. Help pls
  13. yea, dont listen to Aspirinix hes drunk, and dont wait too long with making a fun server or you might wanna end up like wodempire
  14. SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS zu SET textLocale "deDE" SET audioLocale "deDE" ändern in Warlegion.wtf Viel Spaß
  15. YES! Blame the bilingual horde, the only horde guild, for pulling down the server. Blame the bilingual horde for not breastfeeding you gears. Blame the bilingual horde for making you wear cloth as a druid. Blame the bilingual horde for making you wear a normal weapon instead of an artifact weapon. Blame the bilingual horde for not answering every meaningless questions you have about mine nodes and tbc transmogs. Blame the bilingual horde for not telling you to google wowhead for reputation gears and class hall gears. And blame the bilingual horde for not bringing your ilvl 471 resto druid to a ilvl 845+, 15+ traits required heroic raid and mythic dungeons. We did not reject you, you were made to be rejected. I doubt any rational guild will take your low level abomination to a high level raid in any private or retail servers. The only raid we will bring you to is probably Black Temple. Of course, you will reply with "this demonstrates the toxicity of the guild." And I will reply with "this demonstrates your incompetence to be rejected by the only guild and the only people in the server."
  16. make fun like this server is dead
  17. Account name chahged, mail sent to your email, please check.
  18. I don't have access to that account anymore. The password/info was changed.
  19. You only think in yourself, Selfish get away.
  20. Oh Sorry, I didn´t know that we are forced to gear up You, i Apologize. You only care of yourserlf and if you dont got what do you want, you cry like a kid.
  21. Point proven with this reply such a shame
  22. This is the kinda toxicness i speak of above i belive the gm may be good but thats about it i have got 800+ already but that didnt make them wanna invite me anymore lol
  23. This account have the same IP and email as this user http://forum.warlegion.com/index.php?/profile/10511-hypotech/
  24. Well it seems as if the account was deleted/info was changed.
  25. Hi, Im Kael the Leader of the bilingual horde We actually have days when we help people but for example they can be like sundays that we doing EN and we cant help others cause is like a day when we bring all the geared ones to the Raid (Though that like 2 people this sunday were new like 2 weeks ago and we geared them), also if we are doing a world boss we do it for all players that wanna come for a 5% of drop 860. I like helping people to gear in all the week people like blessing jharna doublefisted etc with me we help people with rdf Hero or a mythic for easy start gear, but if we finish a Raid like Emerald Nightmare in normal (7/7) and some bosses of hero we are kinda like wanting to take a break maybe the day or etc for next day monday we do some maybe arenas or rdf, and tuesdays the world boss to people is missing it Im a blood dk i can help any ilvl player no matter if they are 500 (in case they dont have gear from class hall) in world bosses i dont have a BUT on coming they are free to come it doesnt matter if boss have 5m life from 400m they can still come and reclaim loot, i just like to get people gear even if they leave the server 1 week later i will be happy to know they get gear or some gear before leaving server by their own desition Have a Good Day and sorry if we were not able cause we were maybe in a raid or wb or already in another dungeon but when we finish we take a little break or etc i mean we are humans we can get tires of some dungeons but i dont get tired on helping people And again i hope you have a great day -Kaelthass, The Bilingual Horde Guild Master
  26. Stop crying lol
  27. Something that i dont understand, why the guild Have to help you to gear up? However, you are free to leave if you want.
  28. We are not forced to help, and less someone like you.
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